IJL TAPIOCA : Tropical Atlantic Interdisciplinary laboratory on physical, biogeochemical, ecological and human dynamics

Brazil recognized the major importance of the natural resources and mineral stocks along its 7,500 km of coastline (called “Blue Amazon” by the Brazil’s authorities).  In this context, the IJL TAPIOCA 2nd phase (2023-2027), aims to build on its achievements from the 1st phase (2018-2022) and become recognized as a Centre of Excellence in Marine Sciences for the Tropical Atlantic. Hence, TAPIOCA is moving from a regional description to general processes of world interest, including ocean circulation, climate, pollution, carbon cycle and storage, and socio-ecosystem conservation. Science and capacity building is still at the heart of the IJL, with the development and strengthening of new infrastructures and laboratories. TAPIOCA is promoting interdisciplinarity by creating a network and serving as an umbrella for various national and international projects. The research results will be transferred to and interact with the society, including all stakeholders, the public, scholars and local communities. TAPIOCA 2 has a structure grounded over three interconnected Axes. Axis 1 ˝Tropical Atlantic climate and dynamics” focuses on studying the impact of climate and human pressures on the physical processes driving coastal and oceanic water masses dynamics. Axis 2 ˝Biodiversity dynamics” aims to understand the biodiversity and functioning of the ecosystems. Axis 3 ˝Uses and impacts” focuses on the uses and impacts of global environmental pressures, such as pollution, on the marine environment and its associated resources.

LMI Coordinators:

Moacyr CUNHA DE ARAUJO FILHO, Departamento de Oceanografia (DOCEAN), UFPE, Recife – Brasil

Flávia LUCENA-FRÉDOU, Departamento de Recursos Pesqueiros e Aquicultura (BIOIMPACT), UFRPE, Recife – Brasil

Arnaud BERTRAND, IRD, UMR MARBEC, Sète  – France