Type: Oceanographic cruise

Ship: TUBARÃO Tigre

Dates: 17/04/2018 (Porto de Santo Antonio) - 24/04/2018 (Porto de Santo Antonio)

Chief scientist(s): BERTRAND Arnaud

DOI: 10.17600/18001411


The objective of the survey `Fish Acoustics Around Fernando de Noronha 2′ (FAROFA 2) was to characterize the 3D spatial distribution of organisms around the oceanic archipelago of Fernando de Noronha in Northeast Brazil. For that purpose, we combined active acoustics (echosounder Simrad EK80 at 70 and 200 kHz) and optical methods (GoPro video). The survey was performed onboard the vessel of opportunity `Tubarão tigre’ from 17 – 24 April 2018.