Field activity of the MAFALDA project in Noronha

From April 15 to 27, a field work mission was carried out in the Fernando de Noronha archipelago on seabirds (masked boobies).

The team, led by Sophie Bertrand (IRD), included ornithologists from the CNRS of Chizé (Karine Delord and Christophe Barbraud) and a professor of marine ornithology from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS, Guilherme Tavares Nunes). Thanks to ICMBIO’s logistical support for access to the study site (Meio islet), different types of instruments were implemented in adult breeding animals (gps, dive recorders, accelerometers) to document the behavior at sea and identify feeding areas. This fieldwork is part of the MAFALDA research program, initiated in 2015, which created an annual monitoring of the masked and red-footed boobies populations of Noronha, which had been little studied. The information collected by this programme is essential to define conservation policies and take them into account in marine spatial planning (EU RISE Paddle project).