Hydrodynamic and TS Structure Dataset of the São Francisco and Parnaiba Brazilian Rivers
Abstract: Running a numerical simulation with the ROMS model in the regions of the mouths and plumes of the São Francisco and Parnaiba rivers, this dataset was obtained. It is the result of two scenarios, one of them taking into account the tides and the other not. It consists of 50 files (in NetCDF format) divided into 25 for each of the mentioned scenarios. Among the 25 files, 1 corresponds to the spatial discretization parameters of the input; 12 corresponds to the numer-ical simulation in the Parnaiba River and the remaining 12 to the São Francisco River. These files contain the daily average of all input and output parameters of the simulations. The ROM-STOOLS scripting package was used to prepare the input data. The ROMS model input was the surface forcings from the COADS dataset; the WOA09 and SODA datasets were used as initial and lateral boundary conditions, respectively. The bathymetry was taken from ETOPO2 and the tide was acquired from the TPXO7 satellite product. The hydrodynamics and TS structure data contained in this dataset are useful for physical oceanographers to study the thermodynamics of the waters and other physical processes occurring in the mouth and plume region of the São Francisco and Parnaiba Rivers. It is also useful for chemical and biological oceanographers to study the behavior of nutrients, chlorophyll and primary productivity.

Keywords: Hydrodynamics, Ocean currents, ROMS model, TS vertical structure, River plume numerical simulation 

DOI: doi.org/10.53805/lads.v2i1.47

Reference: Capuano, T. A., Varona, H. L., Araujo, M., & Koch-Larrouy, A. 2022. Hydrodynamic and TS Structure Dataset of the São Francisco and Parnaiba Brazilian Rivers. Latin American Data in Science, 2(1), 13-20. 

Published: 2022-06-03