Tri-hourly dataset of wind and wave anomalies of the GFS and WAVEWATCH III models in the entire tropic region (TROPWA).
Version: 1.07 Jan 7, 2019

Authors:  Varona H. L.;  Borges D. M.;  Hernandez F.;  Bertrand A.;  Araujo M.

Keyword(s): Anomaly, Wind wave, Swell, GFS model, WAVEWATCH III model, Hurricane, Tropical storm, Cold front, Coastal engineering 

Data size: 16.3 GB

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International



This dataset contains the anomalies of the total height and peak period of the waves and of the zonal and meridional components of the wind at 10 m above the sea surface obtained from the outputs of the GFS and WAVEWATCH III coupled global models in the entire tropical region (180°W to 178.75°E longitude/30°S to 30°N latitude), with a spatial resolution of 1.25°x1°. It is made up of two files in NetCDF format, where the data for wind anomalies (speed module and its zonal and meridional components) and wave anomalies (total wave height and peak period) are contained separately. This dataset was created in order to study all types of tropical storms, cold fronts and other physical processes that influence significant changes in wave parameters, as well as for the design and construction of coastal engineering works. The authors thanks to Tropical Atlantic Interdisciplinary Laboratory on physical, biogeochemical, ecological and human dynamics (IJL TAPIOCA).