Tropical Atmospheric Anomalies on the Surface (TROPAAS)
Date: Sep 7, 2020

Authors:H. L. Varona, F. Hernandez, A. Bertrand, M. Araujo

DOI: doi/10.5281/zenodo.5532991

Description: This dataset contains the monthly, daily and 6-hour anomalies of the wind speed at 10 m, air temperature at 10 m, incident long-wave radiation, incident solar radiation, atmospheric pressure at sea level, the specific humidity at 10 m and precipitation in the entire tropical region (180°W – 178.125°E / 31.4281°S - 31.4281°N), calculated from the CORE v2 dataset (Coordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiments) experiment with the correction of CIAF v2 (Corrected Inter-Annual Forcing). Covers the period from 1948 to 2009.

There are 3 compressed files, each of which contains 6 3D grids in NetCDF files format with the following name description:



mm – Monthly means.

dm – Daily means.

6hrs – Each 6-hours.


precip – Precipitation.

q - Specific humidity at 10 m.

rad - Incident long-wave radiation and incident solar radiation.

Slp - Pressure at sea level.

T - Temperature at 10 m.

winds - Zonal and meridional components and the module of the wind speed at 10 m.

All the grids are made up of 192 x 34 nodes, with a spatial resolution of 1.875 x 1.904733 degrees.