Workshop on Functional data analyses

From March 02-04, 2020, a workshop dedicated to the application of Functional Data Analyses (FDA) on biological and physical data was organised in Sète, France (MARBEC). Participants: David Nerini (Professor, Aix-Marseille University/MIO) – specialist in FDA; Paulo Duarte (UFRPE/Biometria) currently in one-year exchange as visitant Professor (CAPES PrInt) with D. Nerini; Frédéric Ménard (IRD/MIO); Alejandro Ariza (Postdoc IRD/Marbec); Ramilla Assunção (PhD student UFPE/UBO); Julie Salvetat (PhD student (UFRPE/UM); Monique Simier (IRD/MARBEC); and Arnaud Bertrand (IRD/MARBEC). We are consolidating a platform (GitHub) to share the scripts allowing for the application of FDA on a variety of types of data. Further information will be provided soon.