A dataset of Oceanographic and biogeochemical anomalies in the Caribbean Sea.
Name: A dataset of Oceanographic and biogeochemical anomalies in the Caribbean Sea.

Abstract: This article describes six ocean datasets consistent in anomalies of biogeochemical, physical, sea wave, biological, oceanic and chemical parameters (DACS-BGC, DACS-PHY, DACS-WAVE, DACS-BIO, DACS-OCE and DACS-CHEM) in several time scales from 3-hourly to monthly frequencies, either on the sea surface, downward/upward fluxes between the ocean and the atmosphere and the water  column in the Caribbean basin (Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean) in a geographical domain from latitudes 8 degrees to 35 degrees North and from longitudes 45 degrees to 100 degrees West, obtained, from several satellites, modeling services and observational programs. The datasets were created in NetCDF format conserving their original horizontal resolutions of 1.0, 0.5, 0.26, 0.08333 and 0.04 degrees in gridded structure; only the WAVEWATCH3 dataset has a non-uniform step in latitude and longitude. This internal data structure facilitates its handling due to a wide diversity of existent freeware tools, and it is mainly intended to support researchers to understand the evolution and cycles of physical, biogeochemical, chemical, sea wave, oceanic and biological parameters linked to global climate change.

Keywords: Anomaly databases, Physical parameters, Biogeochemical parameters, Surface forcing

Authors: Casals, R., Varona, H. L., Calzada, A. E., Lentini, C. A. D., Noriega, C., Borges, D. M., Lira, S. M. A., Santana, C. S. de, Araujo, M., Schwamborn, R., & Rodriguez, A.

Date of publication: 2022-07-21

Doi: https://doi.org/10.53805/lads.v2i1.50

License: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.