Illuminating the depths: TAPIOCA member Leandro Nolé Eduardo receives prestigious thesis award from the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco

On November 22, former TAPIOCA doctoral candidate Leandro Nolé Eduardo participated in the award ceremony to receive the thesis prize from the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco, which annually awards the best marine science thesis conducted in collaboration with French institutions.

His thesis, entitled “Illuminating the dark side of the ocean: biodiversity and ecology of deep-sea fishes in the Southwest Tropical Atlantic,” was developed in collaboration between BIOIMPACT (UFRPE), the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and the University of Montpellier in France, under the guidance of Arnaud Bertrand, Flavia Lucena Frédou, and Michael Mincarone. The study focused on the biodiversity and ecology of deep-water fish species, contributing significantly to the field of marine science.

During the ceremony, Leandro had the honor of presenting the main findings of his thesis to Prince Albert II of Monaco, as well as to an audience composed of marine science enthusiasts, representatives of scientific institutions, and the private sector.

Ceremonie Grande Medaille Albert – Musee Oceanographique Monaco ©institut_oceanographique_cedou

This prestigious award not only recognizes Leandro’s academic excellence and the profound impact of his research, but also serves as testimony to TAPIOCA’s project commitment to pushing the boundaries of marine science on a global scale. The recognition in Monaco demonstrates the TAPIOCA project’s dedication to encouraging innovative research and deepening understanding of the complex web of life that exists beneath the ocean’s surface.