Webconférence de S. Bertrand IRD-MARBEC : Qu’est-ce-que j’ai à voir avec les oiseaux marins ?

WebConference (in French): Qu’est-ce-que j’ai à voir avec les oiseaux marins? / What do I have to do with seabirds? / O que tenho eu a ver com aves marinhas?

Sophie Bertrand (IRD/MARBEC)

Date: Tuesday 16, 2020, 14h France, 09h Brazil


Abstract: Is the sea just a new blue growth area? Or is it possible to rethink our projects on the basis of the notion of ecological solidarity? In a word, what kind of future do we want for our oceans? The debate is open. During this conference, Sophie Bertrand, a marine ecologist, will present how technology today makes it possible to monitor the movements and behavior of large marine organisms, particularly birds, and to map important areas in order to feed into public policies for managing the use of marine spaces.